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The contents of these [Hokkaido's Jomon Culture] pages have been generously provided under the supervision of Dr. Tatsuo Kobayashi, a leading researcher in Jomon Culture, world-renowned archaeologist and Honorary Director of the Niigata Prefectural Museum of History (Former Kokugakuin University professor and Dr. of Literature).

< Tatsuo Kobayashi's Principal Works >
  • "Jomondoki no Kenkyu" (Gakuseisha)
  • "Jomonjin no Sekai" (Asahi-sensho)
  • "Jomon no Shikou" (Chikuma-shinsho)
  • "Jomon Reflections" (Oxbow Books Limited)

The images and graphics featured on this site have been kindly produced with the cooperation of the following agencies, organizations and experts, to whom we express our sincerest gratitude:

  • Hokkaido Archaeological Operations Center
  • Aomori prefectural Office of Education
  • Hakodate Board of Education
  • Date Board of Education
  • Eniwa Board of Education
  • Mori Board of Education
  • The Ainu Museum (Shiraoi Town)
  • Ainu Association of Hokkaido's Biratori Chapter
  • Mr. Tadahiro Ogawa (Photographer)

Visitors to this Site:

As mankind today strives for the common goal of achieving sustainable development, much wisdom can be gleaned from looking back through Hokkaido's course of history to the Jomon, a culture that existed in harmony with the natural environment for over 10, 000 years, and to the lasting legacy of Jomon spirituality.

Hokkaido's hosting of the 2008 Hokkaido Toyako Summit will attract visitors from all over the world to the region. To make the most of this opportunity and to share Hokkaido's proud Jomon culture with the world's people, December 2007 saw Hokkaido citizens, researchers, and affiliated economic parties come together and establish the ‘Group for the Preservation of Northern Jomon Culture'. This site, designed to provide detailed information about Hokkaido's Jomon in both Japanese and English, was created as a result.

We sincerely hope for the Jomon cultural legacy of the Hokkaido and Tohoku region to be added to the World Heritage list and in line with this goal, our future efforts to share information about Hokkaidos' Jomon with national and international audiences will only continue to expand.

July, 2008

Group Secretary, Shuuzou Ishimori

‘Group for the Promotion of Hokkaido Jomon Heritage'